Going Back Home

The traveling isn’t always enjoyable, but I love going back home. My boyfriend and I set on a road trip for Austin, Texas this last week. We had a wedding to attend, I had my sister’s bridal brunch to go to, and we wanted to see family. Also, this was an opportunity to stop halfway-ish between LA and Austin, and move my boyfriend out of his Tucson house for good. Long story short, we’re officially living together (with no other home base) after nearly 11 years of long distance. It was a big week.

It’s funny how being on the road, watching scenery pass by, can make you start thinking…more deeply. About your dreams, your deepest wishes, and what you feel your missing. I had a ton of time to introspect, and it has left me so excited for what’s to come.

My career has been slow, money has been tighter than ever, and yet I am more excited for today and tomorrow than I think I ever have been. Moving out of the Tucson house was the ending of an era, but I feel new possibilities coming. For example: Saving Money, Getting out of Debt, Getting Healthier, Getting a tattoo, learning Polish (what should have been my first language with English, and learning Piano.

I’ve attached some pictures from the road trip and the Texas trip. I am so grateful for this life and for all of the people around me. I’m so grateful for having a sound mind and body, and the impulse to constantly re-evaluate my own goals and happiness.

Cheers to Roadtrips!

In one month, I’ll be in Mexico for my sister’s wedding. But I’ll be flying this time.

Andrea Flowers