I was so inspired by the theater I saw this weekend. 3 shows in total…and they were all terrific.

I kicked the weekend of by watching an original play by the Flat Tire Theater Company, THE CIRCLE TABLE. IT was an awesome show about the mingling of technology in modern day relationships. How it can sometimes reduce our human connection. But in other times, helps us hold on to relationships that end up saving us.

Second was my good friend’s play, PRODIGY. She wrote the show and played the lead. I think this show moved me the most this weekend, though it had the most technical difficulties. That didn’t matter. It was an amazing play about a young Korean-American girls who fights to earn her right to chase her own legacy, and not that of her family’s, or her peers. Beautiful show.

I wrapped up the weekend of theater at the Road Theater Company, and thoroughly enjoyed their fast-paced, real-time play call AT THE TABLE. Two acts take you through a group of friends’ vacation getaway. The topics that are breached, the relationships that are challenged, and the silences that fill the room filled me with a feeling of nostalgia, and pain.

This awesome weekend of theatre made me realize I miss it so much. Cheers to looking for my next show.

Andrea Flowers