1/6 Down, 5/6 to go.

This week has been a very good week. After a very slow audition season, I got two auditions this week for characters that I really liked. In one callback, I was told that for the first time that day I made the character “likable” and the director told me that he wished he had just shot my callback performance to use for the film! That’s pretty good feedback to get in the room! But, as this business goes, I never got a call. As far as I’m concerned, I didn’t book it. Crazy how that works! But you know what? I had an awesome audition, and then an awesome call back. I was true to my interpretation of the character. Period. What a success.

THEN. I was able to take off one of my written goals on my vision board. I have 6 on there, and this week, I was invited to move up at the Ivana Chubbuck and join HER master class. Woohoo! I have already been enamored with the caliber of the work her students bring in and the level of commitment she has to challenging her students in class. What a dedicated mentor and teacher. I am so stoked to learn from her!

I still have some big tasks to accomplish in 2019 before I take any of the rest of my goals off my board. But 1/6 is not too shabby. I’m celebrating the baby steps.

Andrea Flowers