A Follow Up

I know I probably need a follow up to my last (possibly discouraging?) entry.

It’s funny what perspective can do. After listening to one industry pro talk encouragingly about the fight that actors go through, after listening to a podcast, and after listening to a nurse talk about how she strives to work in a facility she hasn’t had the chance to step foot in yet…I realized where I am in my own personal journey.

Where two years in LA has indeed felt long, I am what most consider a “baby” in the industry. My resume and counted days literally are very young. It’s far too easy for me, lately, to fall into a negative perspective. Why am I not doing this yet? Why am I not making this amount of money yet? Why are things not happening? When in reality, for where I am, I am doing great with just a shift in perspective.

It is a marathon, not a sprint! Although I know this and use this mantra regularly…I got trapped and forgot it. Argg! So frustrating.

I cannot force what’s not happening. I can only keep going. Keep acting. Keep striving to get better, more specific, more bold, more brave.

Life will only be as fun as I let it be. This journey trying to be an actor will only be as rewarding as I see it to be.

It’s all about perspective.

Andrea Flowers