Thoughts about Rest; and the show Schitt's Creek

I have had a funny quarter of the year. I’ve alternated, for the first REAL time, between being extremely (maybe to a unhealthy point) busy, and being extremely relaxed. I am forcing myself to try to find a balance between my art, the business, and being a person. Wow! It’s the hardest thing about being an actor, in my opinion. I want to establish a routine, I want to work on my characters, I want to do extensive research….but I also want to nurture the valued relationships I have, be good to my body, and experience NEW things. Those two things can’t be separate. They have to be swirled in together to help me be a WHOLE person.

On another note, maybe an extension of the idea of relaxation….if you’re looking for a tv show to watch, then find SCHITT$ CREEK on Netflix. It’s hilarious, witty, and features stellar & classic actors.

Andrea Flowers