Living in Bliss: A Tale of Positive Energy

When I got notice that I was to attend a producer’s session for a an upcoming tv series, I was ecstatic. But I knew there was tons of work to do. I think it the past, without realizing it, I’ve done a bit of self sabotage before big auditions. I’d tell myself that I was prepared (even if I really wasn’t). Then, when I didn’t succeed in the audition room, I could blow it off easier. “Well, I wasn’t really prepared for that one…if I was I bet I would get cast.” That let me sit comfortably in a place of complacency.

Long story short, I didn’t let myself get away with that this time. I rehearsed and rehearsed every moment of my audition. I prepared myself for what I would do if there wasn’t a camera in the room. How I would transition between my scenes, down to the smallest detail. Even though I was so nervous before I went into the session, I was able to calm myself with knowing how prepared I was. And the fact that I was so prepared made me excited to let it all go and have FUN with the producers and CDs in the room.

As they say, I "booked the room”. And no matter if I never hear about this series and I end up not getting cast, , I know everybody in that room wants to work with me at some point. I made them laugh, and see the character anew, and we had a great time in that session. Honestly, that’s the best feeling.

Self-sabotage is useless—it creates a never ending cycle of disappointment. NO MORE! The morning before I went in, I asked for some positive energy and the world of social media answered. I felt so supported by my peers, but most importantly by myself.

Try, try again, and you will succeed!

Andrea Flowers