Vacations and Rest

I just got back this week from a 7 day Alaskan Cruise & wedding. It was a complete blast! I got to see Juneau and Skagway of Alaska, and Victoria, British Columbia in Canada. 

The funny thing is, it was such a challenge to vacation and take time off, and I was eager to get back to LA. And when I got back to LA I thought, "I just want to get back to my vacation!" The grass is always greener on the other side. When I have lots of time on my hands, I'm yearning to be busy. When I'm busy, all I want is a break. This week has been a practice of baby steps and easing myself back into my routine. I am SO happy to be back. I love my life in LA and the constant grind I keep up with. But, on my long vacation I realized that I need to give myself a break more often; deep breaths, go see a movie, take the night to read a book, eat more chocolate. 

I need to celebrate more often-the ups and the downs and let loose once in a while! We could all benefit from giving ourselves a break every now and then. Am I right?

Here are some pics of my Alaskan Cruise adventures. Stay strong and breathing, friends!

Andrea Flowers