Tea & Self Care

Yesterday was a tough day of shooting. The day felt long and the universe decided to gift me an awful migraine. But the show (shoot) must go on! I powered through it as best as I could. 

This morning I'm thinking about self-care and how important it is. For me, it's easy to forget to do the basics--eat lots of leafy greens, drink plenty of water, and fill myself up with nutrient rich foods. I think I forgot to do those things yesterday, and I body totally rebelled! So this morning I'm taking it a bit easy. I brewed some loose-leaf Jasmine tea. And what do you know? This amino-acid-rich tea has taken away my headache, re-hydrated me and I feel fresh and ready for my day.

So, I'm off to another full day of shooting, going into it with a new perspective: self-care. Water, nutrients, rest. Because if my body and mind aren't content, how will I have the energy to place myself in my character's shoes? Self-care is a part of an actor's job. We can't forget that!

Andrea Flowers