Be Careful you Live your Dream

I am hurrying off to set but I wanted to share some pictures and express my utter happiness.

One of my acting coaches always says: "Be careful you live your dream". You think you want to be on set, you think you want to be a working actor. But what about the 10-12 hour days? What about doing take after take? What about coming home after a long day, only to have to memorize & prepare for the next day? To go to sleep, to wake up and do it all again? 

Set life is tough. It's a challenge. And it takes lots of emotional and physical endurance. It's an awesome thing to be reminded of how hard my job is, and then to wake up excited to do it again.

I'm happy to say, at least for the new few weeks while we shoot this movie, I'm living my dream. 

Andrea Flowers