Comfort Zones

I have somehow secured a spot on a production team. This gig will give me extensive access to auditions and casting opportunities, AND I will get to learn and master the art of the production process. It's a huge opportunity, but man I'm a fish out of water.

On my first day, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of  powerlessness. I felt out of the loop and it was obvious that I had a lot to learn. This is a great thing! But in the moment, it was very uncomfortable. 

I'm working on being patient with myself. I have a lot of room for growth.

So, just a friendly reminder for myself and anybody reading: It is a gift to be in a room with people who are smarter than you, ranked higher than you, maybe even more talented than you. You will never feel stagnant in an environment like that. 

Here's to growth and operating outside of your comfort zone!

Andrea Flowers