Really excited to share this feature film trailer with you...

I try to be extremely careful in asking for funds. It's a tough world right now, most everybody is watching their wallet, and how can you trust you're donating to the right project? 
So many of my favorite films started right here, with a GoFundMe. And now, I have the great fortune to be acting in an amazing film that I whole-heartedly back and believe in. So, now I'm asking for help. You have no idea how far $1, $5 can take us. Every dollar counts. And if you are in a bind right now, just SHARING the page below will help us get the exposure we need. 
This film is on it's way to Sundance, as soon as we have the funds to shoot it. Help us get there. 
We all need a film about love, self preservation and growth right about now. 
From the bottom of my soul, thank you so much for your help in making this film.

Andrea Flowers