My Praises: The Actor's Life by Jenna Fischer


Every now and then, I think it's important to talk about great books when I come across them! Tackling the LA film & TV industry is DIFFICULT. What makes it easier? Reading books about the industry. Especially books written by successful actors who have traversed their own troublesome acting journey. 

This month I read THE ACTOR'S LIFE: A Survival Guide, by Jenna Fischer.  Let me tell ya, it flew by. It was such a quick read (although my particular copy was missing 50 pages...I'll explain later). Not only does Jenna offer sound advice on the practical parts of the business: Casting Services, Agent Meetings/Submissions, How to Audition for Network. She also bravely and unapologetically talks about her most embarrassing moments; awkward meetings with agents, flubs with Casting directors, etc. There was an amazing moment where I thought, "My goodness....Jenna Fischer had all of these huge boulders that popped up on her path...but she still made it!" It was an entirely humbling and encouraging read. I should also add that she adds hilarious & clever "Poor Actor Recipes" in this book. When you're a starving artist, you have to get creative about meals!

I always knew she was a terrific actress, but this book proves she is an empathetic and kind person. Jenna, you are SO generous to share your insights and story with the world.  I highly recommend this book. Consider buying a copy! And hopefully the publishing company gives you the whole book!

Funny Story: My copy of this book was chopped up. After page 16, somehow, I got 50 pages worth of articles about Cultural Marxism. I was reading about SAG-AFTRA rates and was all of a sudden launched into a history about Communist Marriage. I read 2 pages of it until I was so confused that I exclaimed "I don't understand this metaphor!" And then I realized. I was reading a different book within the book that I purchased. Sort of a bummer to lose 50 pages of Jenna's words (Don't worry, I'm borrowing my friend's copy so I won't miss out). But, the good news is, when I finally get to meet her, I will have a hilarious story about my experience reading her book!



Andrea Flowers