Stay Busy

In yoga, my teachers often refer to the “edge”. Your edge is the moment where you feel like you can’t do anymore, push yourself to go farther and succeed in going farther. The idea of the “edge” also means that you are able to acknowledge when you absolutely CANNOT go any farther and accept that truth. And celebrate yourself for recognizing it.

I’ve been pushing myself to my edge not only in yoga, but in my whole life. I’ve bumped my weekly work schedule to 60 hours a week. Whoa. Talk about an edge. I didn’t know I had this in me. But yet I feel more financially secure than ever, AND I have more confidence in my acting because I’m not worrying about which bridge I’ll live under. This last week I attended THREE classes and found my edge in every single class—operating at my highest potential. I’ve somehow also managed to keep up with yoga, cooking healthy meals and catching up on sleep when my body needed it. A few weeks ago, if you would’ve asked me if I could handle all of this, I would’ve said NO! Today, I have a whole new view of who am I and how much I can handle.

And I’ve learned one important thing. I have a HUGE DREAM. Some days it lifts me up, and sometimes I feel like I’m dragging it along. But what helps? Keeping busy. Always keeping busy. Whether it’s staying busy with a survival job and making money, taking lots of classes, taking care of relationships that need your attention…always stay busy! Stay focused. And find your edge.

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Andrea Flowers