Discovering Characters

The first month of 2018 has been a busy one. I'm working on shifting my perspective for a more positive outlook. I am ALSO trying out a new method to acquaint myself with the characters I play! I used to type everything up in a word doc on my computer. I'd type up my character history, facts about the character's life from the script...It would all go in one word document. But I noticed something last year. This method, for whatever reason, was really starting to feel monotonous. Which was bad. Exploring and living in my character's shoes is literally my job. Regardless of all other things that I do, if I am able to fully invest myself in my character's given circumstances, it's a success. So my homework to prepare for success CANNOT feel monotonous. I can't dread doing it! So I'm trying character journaling. And so far it's going GREAT. As an actor, and person, I feel more connected when I'm holding a pen to paper. Currently I am working on THREE characters. One character is for a comedy web series, one is for a feature film I'm shooting in March, and one is for a character I'm exploring in my Scene Study Class. Three characters to flesh out is a lot at one time. But with journaling out their lives, I feel inspired in a way that makes me feel lots of momentum. To my happy surprise, journaling with the characters has also inspired other creative writing- new fresh songs, and feature film ideas. So, in conclusion, I'm loving this new method of character exploration. 

#KeepWriting #2018

Andrea Flowers