Celebrating Successes

It’s way too easy to convince yourself (myself) that I’m not doing enough. Yes, there is always room for growth and improvement.  But knowing that also requires you to acknowledge how far you’ve come. So, for this last day of 2017, I want to unapologetically share my year of successes. When I started writing these down, I was filled with a sense of fulfillment—small steps add up to miles. And I think I’ve traveled miles this year.  Cheers to celebrating your successes!

            -I moved out to a city that intimidated the hell out of me. In one year I’ve…

-       Made a home.

-       Found and maintained a community of friends who would do anything to see my success. And whom I will continue to lift up.

-       Taken 10 classes, all of which have challenged me and sharpened my craft.

-       Gained a handful of mentors who have made themselves a phone call/ email away when I have questions about career steps and acting impediments.

-       Been sought out by other actors who consider me a mentor and come to me for industry advice.

-       Mailed out over 200 invites to industry professionals to come see my shows. Through this, I’ve met a handful of very influential, kind people who continue to support my work in this city.

-       Emailed out over 300 submissions and 400 invites.

-       Signed on with a management team who feel like family and will ride with me to the top.

-       Starred in enough commercials to form a pro-looking commercial reel.

-       Made my television debut and watched myself on tv for the first time last week (What a weird experience!)

-       Watched myself in films that are currently streaming.

-       Auditioned for one of my favorite award-winning Netflix shows.

-       Realized the importance of yoga and sweating in my day to day life.

-       Forgiven myself for past failures to be my best self.  And forgiven those who never thought I was good enough.

-       Learned how to be unapologetic with my talent, my empathy, and my belief system.

-       Learned how to not laugh when nothing’s funny. I owe nothing to strangers.

-       Grown Courage. In Every Aspect.

-       Fallen into a web of families that I nanny for who LOVE that I’m an actress and help lift up my career.

-       Continued to be an amazing Cat mom to my precious babes: Evie and June.

-       Strengthened my relationship with the most amazing Cat Dad.

-        Worked harder and faster than I ever imagined was possible.

-       Realized the Powerhouse inside of me. I’m still working on fully embracing all of that power.

Here’s to a New Year. 2018. I feel that you and I will be good friends. Nice too meet you. I’m Andrea Flowers. 

Andrea Flowers